Dipl. Psychotherapists EMDR

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EMDR, MATH and TCC are all psychotherapeutic methods / tools that have been practiced since the 1980s around the world for thousands of people of all ages and in all conditions suffering from psychological disorders. They are proven in relation to their effectiveness and globally recognized by the scientific and medical community for their healing results for 90% of psychological disorders (excluding psychiatric disorders) and whose use is officially recommended by the High Authority for Health (HAS), since June 2007. In a large part of European countries EMDR is reimbursed by the national health funds.

These three methods EMDR, MATH and TCC are short therapies. The objective is to heal in a minimum of sessions. EMDR is a method which allows with its protocols to treat the past, then the methods MATH and TCC make it possible to work the present and the future, which makes it possible to work the function schemes, to modify them if necessary and to reconstruct the self-confidence and the desired state of the person.

They are aimed at anyone (from infants to children – even young – to adolescents, young adults, and adults of all ages) who suffer from emotional disturbances usually associated with psychological trauma. These may be “obvious” traumas with a large “T”, such as physical and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, accidents, death, illness, fire, natural disasters, war and attacks, … But it can also be difficult life events or trauma with a small “t”, which go unnoticed and can be the source of emotional disorders or inappropriate or excessive behavior in daily life (disturbed childhood, denigration, harassment, separations, miscarriages and abortion, bereavements, professional difficulties, etc …) These emotional disturbances are expressed in various forms: irritability, anxiety, nightmares, tendency to isolation, depressive state, agitated or violent behavior, physical pain, somatization, regression in children, … or sometimes unconscious emotional disorders like long-term depression, addictions, alimentation disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, … These disturbances appear when our brain is overwhelmed and can not process (or digest) events as it does naturally. It remains stuck on the events, without our being aware of it, and it is these undigested experiences that are the source of these disorders.